Tom Grant

Born in the US, raised in the UK, I’ve always been infatuated with the mountains.

As soon as I could link together parallel turns, all I wanted do to was explore the mountain away from the pistes. My passion for backcountry skiing, climbing, adventure and the odd dose of suffering, soon led me to Chamonix where I now live for most of the year.

I love all forms of skiing, particularly freeride and technical ski mountaineering. The Mont Blanc Massif is the perfect playground and the unrivalled big mountain access enables me to spend a lot of time skiing the steeps. I often seek to combine alpinism with extreme skiing, and love being creative with new ideas and objectives. I’m a Trainee Guide on the British Mountain Guide Scheme, so I’m sure the next couple years will be very challenging and interesting working towards my guide’s carnet.

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