Tom Newman

Blurb – Born -1988
Nickname – Gangle
Favourite climbing style – All styles
Favourite climbing area – Thus far it has to be Font
Hardest achievement – getting to the top of Ned’s board
Where do you train – The greatest centre in the world... Nottingham Depot
Who are your climbing hero’s? – Well Adam Ondra has to be up there, what he is doing for climbing is incredible. He seems to be able to dominate every discipline of the sport. Others would include Dmriti Sharafutdinov and Dani Andrada.
Where did you start climbing – I started climbing at Newton Ayecliffe leisure centre (otherwise known as the ‘wreck’ to the locals). I then moved onto Leeds depot and I now train at Nottingham Depot and make countless journeys to the peaks to climb on god’s rock.
Plans for the future – To travel, climb and strive for that need to always be stronger.
Favourite food – Bangers and mash
Favourite film – Grand Budapest Hotel
Competition or rock – Both!
Routes or bouldering – Both!

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