Alaska Calling

As Winter comes to a close in Europe, many Mountaineers and Alpinists make the pilgrimage to Alaska. This month, Scarpa UK team members Greg Boswell, Will Sim and Paul Prentice will be flying to Anchorage with the aim of some new routing, Alaskan style!

Greg Boswell has given us the run down on the itinerary for the trip:

-Thursday 4am we’ll head to the airport for a 6am flight.

-Fly to Anchorage, then have a day there acquiring all our food, gear, sat phones and all the stuff we didn’t to fly out.

-Get a shuttle to Talkeetna where we’ll get a ski plane out to the Buckskin Glacier and set up basecamp.

-Asses our objectives, weather and eventually get stuck into some epic Alaskan Mountains!

-Send a load of new routes/try not to run away with our tails between our legs!

-Probably get very cold

-Make the most of being in a mega, beautiful and breathtaking environment and have fun!


Greg’s Kit for the trip!

This will be Will Sim’s 4th trip to Alaska, and he’s sent a few words to sum up the place:

“We come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow.” It was Iceland that Led Zeppelin were referring to in the immigrant song. But Alaska, another boreal land of ice, snow, fjords, wilderness, big trucks, big people and big animals is somewhere which deserves a mystic heavy rock track of its own. The top left of the North American continent is a last frontier of the western world. A short skip across dark hostile seas lies Russia, the far east, west or whatever you want to call it. North is nothing. East is similar but they call it Canada. And South is water till Hawaii.

In April, I will once again be making the spring time pilgrimage north to Alaska. It will be my fourth trip to this cold land of granite, glaciers and midnight sun. AK is a pretty special place for climbing, particularly the type of climbing that relies on frozen couloirs, streaks of ice and pointy summits that look like exaggerated paintings.

This time my partner will be Greg Boswell and our plans are relatively open. I’m excited to be there with Greg as after climbing loads together for a few years, road tripping around Scotland in search of white rock, we haven’t climbed together in a couple of years. It will be good to resolve that.

So, here’s some photos which explain better than me what AKs all about, and hopefully will inspire folk to head there!


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Keep an eye on the Scarpa Blog and Social Media to find out how the team get on in Alaska!