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Next week is the 2nd Braemar Mountain Festival; a celebration of mountains in winter. With a host of talks, workshops and skill sessions it looks to continue as a fantastic addition to the outdoor calendar. In this blog, Guy Robertson gives us a sneak preview of his and Greg Boswell’s talk at the event.

Braemar Mountain Festival 2018

The Event runs from Thursday 1st March to Sunday 4th March 2018. Located in and around Braemar in a number of local venues. The programme will feature art, food, music, photography and a ‘Best of Kendal’ Film night. Alongside hill skills courses, and ski and mountain bike workshops that will be running throughout the festival.

Scarpa Athletes Greg Boswell and Guy Robertson will be speaking at the event in a talk entitled
“The Scottish Winter Climbing Session” this will be alongside presentations from other esteemed mountaineers and speakers with an affinity for the Scottish mountains.

Guy Robertson pulling through the roof of the Great Cave on Slime Wall

Guy Robertson gave us a sneak preview of his and Greg’s talk:

“I can’t wait and am so proud to be supporting the second Braemar Mountain Festival.  The line up looks brilliant, and the Eastern Cairngorms is basically my local stomping ground – where it all began for me, really. I suspect it may, therefore, be quite an emotional affair! 

I’ve climbed something like two hundred routes on Lochnagar,, Beinn a’ Bhuird and Creagan Dubh Loch, so I’ve plenty of local subject matter to draw on for my talk. 

Greg (Boswell) and I will do doing a bit of a double act, and some of our most memorable adventures have been in the mountains local to Braemar. I’ll need to try and steer him away from blowing his trumpet about beating up grizzly bears, mind you.  Or maybe I’ll try and balance these heroics by describing some of those (admittedly few) occasions when I’ve seen him behaving like a big Jessie on the sharp end of the rope…”

For more detailed information, and to book tickets and plan your festival -Check out the Braemar Mountain Festival Website.

Find out more information about Guy and Greg by reading their Scarpa Team Profiles.


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