Fitting walking boots at home

Can’t get to the shops or prefer to shop online? Check out guide to fitting walking boots at home to help you get that perfect fit.

In a specialist shop a footwear expert will guide you through picking the right boots for you and getting the perfect fit for your needs. A good fit will help you avoid discomfort and painful blisters.

You can still get that perfect fit at home by following our simple guide. Check out the guide and video below:

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Walking challenges to try this summer

Have you thought about resoling your shoes and boots?

Scarpa shoes and boots are built to the highest standard and should serve you for many years of use.

However, just like tyres on a car, the rubber parts of a boot or shoe can wear down with use, and that’s why we offer a full re-sole service.

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The festive period is a great time to to get outdoors and enjoy some winter walking, however cold temperatures, shorter days and snow & ice bring some extra complexities than the summer months.

Here Scarpa athlete and fully qualified winter mountain and climbing instructor Di Gilbert gives her advice on staying safe and essential kit you will need to carry with you.

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