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This weekend is the CWIF 2018; one of the UK’s top bouldering comps attracting some of the best climbers from across the country and abroad to compete at The Climbing Works in Sheffield.

Scarpa will have a large homegrown contingent this year including Michaela Tracy, Nathan Phillips, Matt Cousins, Dave Barrans, Gaz Parry, and Hamish Potokar. They will all be hoping to match or better their fantastic performance last year.

It’s also worth keeping an eye out for some Scarpa international Athletes like the brilliant Jerneij Kruder.

Here we have a quick preview of the comp with the Scarpa UK team who are all buzzing for the big event.


Michaela Tracy

“I’ve got no expectations for the CWIF this year. I’m just looking forward to having a go at some cool boulders set by some of the most experienced route-setters in the world. I hope I can have fun, and maybe learn something in the process. I’ll mostly be using a pair of Dragos but I’ll keep my Furia S as a backup, in case there’s any serious tiptoeing on volumes to be done.”

Michaela Tracy at CWIF 2017

Nathan Phillips

“I’m psyched for the CWIF as it signifies the start of the international Bouldering season. And it can be a good judge for how you may do in the rest of the year.

I’ll be wearing the Instinct VSR for most of the comp and the Furia for certain blocs.”

Nathan Phillips in the new Scarpa Furia S.

Matt Cousins

“I’m looking forward to seeing what the setters have in store for us this year, there are always top-quality blocs at the CWIF so I hope this year will be no different! It’s always a great experience to compete alongside some of the best in the world here in the UK.

Weapon of choice will probably the best all-rounder there is – Instinct VSR.”

Matt Cousins – photo by Ed Wong

Dave Barrans

“I’m excited about the CWIF, it marks the start of the international season and is a really useful measure of how training is going for the coming world cup series.

I’ll be wearing the chimera.”

Dave Barrans; looking forward to the international season.

Hamish Potakar

“I’m really exited. I’ve missed out on the CWIF over the last few years and have had a general break from competitions for a while now. I’m looking forward to seeing where I’m at.

I guess it’s a good opportunity to get back into the comp mentality in an environment which isn’t too highly pressured, and to have a laugh with friends whilst competing in a really world-class field.

I’ll be taking down my Chimeras for the weekend, as they work really well on both the steep and the slabby, and so should cater well for the variety of angles and styles which in know the setters will throw up!”

Hamish Potokar has missed the last few CWIF’s but is psyched for 2018

Gaz Parry

“Once again I am super psyched to be part of the CWIF, working alongside Mike Langley and Tentative to take The One Five Nine show around the World is always a fun challenge”

Gaz Parry will be presenting The One Five Nine show once again.
Photo by Simon Rawlinson

Check out the highlights and results from last year on The Climbing Works website and youtube channel.

Find out more information  on our Athletes on the Scarpa Team pages.

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CWIF 2018 Weapons
Instinct VS-R

Instinct VS-R

Furia S

Scarpa Chimera

Scarpa Chimera

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