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Scarpa Athlete Tom Grant skis mountain sides so steep that a fall would be fatal and where avalanches and falling rocks are an ever-present threat. Previously we have interviewed him on the Scarpa Blog; detailing his groundbreaking first descent of the Caroline Face on Mount Cook, New Zealand’s highest peak.

Featuring in the ‘Winning Mentality Podcast’ and interviewed by his friend Charlie Boscoe. Tom describes in personal detail that steep ski down the Caroline Face as well as what drives him to push his limits and the boundaries of ski mountaineering.

Here are a few highlights we’ve picked from Tom’s Interview.

On Ski Mountaineering:

‘Ski mountaineering is done in the wild mountains, there’s no safety net and nobody there to tell you where can and can’t go, the mountains are untamed.’

On Training:

“I want to be able to ski the mountains I want to ski and climb the mountains I want to climb with the biggest margin of safety, and the most enjoyment. This for me means being as strong as I can be…

I train hard for the mountains when I’m not in the mountains. That involves a combination of running, weight training, cross-fit type training and body weight exercise such as push ups and pull ups… to give me the biggest margins possible.”

Some Advice for aspiring Steep skiers:

“For me it’s crucial that as a steep skier I have a strong technical level where I’m not going to blow a turn on terrain where I can’t afford too. I have complete confidence in my ability to never fall and I think that’s the way it has to be.

My advice to aspiring steep skiers is to get to a level where you know you’re not going to fall. There are a lot of other things that can kill you in the mountains and if something kills me I don’t want it to be my own technical mistake.”

On Risk:

“I think its unnatural to go through life to go without physical risk, I think it’s in our DNA. Humans are always taking risks whether it’s been in wars, or in hunting. I think its unnatural to avoid physical risk.”

You can listen to the ‘Winning Mentality’ Podcast with Tom Grant in full below:

Tom’s Scarpa Selection


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