Tim Emmett - SCARPA UK

Tim Emmett

Scarpa sponsored athlete, Tim Emmett was luck enough to give the Instinct VS a go before they landed in the shops...Tim Emmett

"Ever since I started using Scarpa rock shoes three years ago the Instict slippers are the shoes I wear the most. They fit my feet brilliantly and they're comfortable too. I use them for everything - indoor walls, alpine granite in the Bugaboo's, Muy Caliente! in Pembroke, new routes in scotland, they are awesome. Their only downfall, being slippers is the heel can come off when being used for aggressive heal hooking.

When I tried the new Instinct VS, they answered all my questions. They are AMAZING, for sure the best shoes I have every worn for rock climbing. They are a little stiffer than the instinct S and they have more rubber over the top of toes, which gives you extra grip when toes hooking. They are really fast to get on an off with the single velcro strap so if you're doing multi pitch routes you can take out your heel for extra comfort on belays. The velcro closer lock=s them onto your feet to so there's no way they can come off unless a shark bites your leg off when you're DWS ;-)

If they fit your feet I guarantee they'll be the most amazing rock shoes you've ever worn. Try a pair quick!"

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