Dom Wragg

Hi my name is Dom, I come form the centre of the climbing universe aka Sheffield. The first time I experienced climbing was at the age of six when my Dad took me to the Foundry and from then on I haven't looked back .  Now I spend most of my time training at the Climbing Works and trying to get out on the grit whenever the weather allows.

I've been lucky enough to travel to some amazing bouldering areas around the world including Fontainebleau, Magic Wood and Joe’s valley. Being able to travel has had a big impact to my climbing.  I'm looking to see more of the world and explore more top venues.

I like the basic, steep and crimp style of climbing, hence the visits to Switzerland and America, but being able to climb most of the techy slabs on the grit requires more than just strong fingers, it's a crucial part of my training to improve the more technical side of my climbing, its a hard task but I always enjoy working with my weaknesses.

My only goal for the future is to continue to enjoy my climbing and the rest will follow. I don't really set any goals I don't really like to pressure myself I got into climbing for the enjoyment and I would like to keep it that way.


Watch the video from Dom's recent trip to Fontainebleau below:


J'aime Fontainebleau | Part 1 from MAD Productions on Vimeo.

J'aime Fontainebleau - Ubik 8a+ | Part 2 from MAD Productions on Vimeo.

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