Ed is not shy to get on the hard routes. A love affair with all things climbing, Ed trains hard and climbs hard whatever the medium. This year he flashed the classic 8b+ Kalea Borroka at Siurana in Spain

Name - Ed Hamer

Age - 22

Location- Peak District

Nickname - Eduardo Manostijeras (Edward Scissor Hands)

Job - Climber/Coach

Years Climbing - 10

How did you start out?
It all kicked off when I moved from Tanzania in Africa to the Uk. I started training at the York climbing wall and in Leeds with my brother Sam! I did this for around 8 years while we were at school and then moved over to the Peak District more recently mainly for the outdoors!

Was flashing Kalea part of a plan?
Definitely not! I had always wanted to redpoint it, but to actually flash it just seemed too much for me.  The length and Difficulty plus being ridiculously intimidated just always put me off….

First climbing memory?
My first proper climbing trip to Sardinia back in 2004! I think I climbed my first 5! Great trip! Also remember getting burnt off by my sister…who isn’t even a climber! 

Hardest route?
L’espiadimonis , Margalef! My first 8c….

Most challenging route climbed?
Meshuga E9 6C, Black Rocks! More Mentally!

Best route ever climbed?
Tiger Cat 8c, Blue Mountains, Australia!

Training Tips?
Run on Rest days! Never train when tired! Always change up your campus routine! Lots of Volume! Have fun and always try and have a goal or trip to work towards!

Whats the plan for 2015?
Big African expedition to summit the three highest mountains in Africa. Mt Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Mt Kenya (Kenya) and Mt Stanley (Uganda) all in 5 weeks!
 Also planned 2015: Madagascar Big wall expedition, Sport climbing trip to Red River Gorge in USA.

Fave Scarpa shoe and why?
Scarpa Instinct VS…Why?  I feel that this is a true all round shoe! From sketchy grit trad, steep sport, boulders, multi pitch…Everything! They feel  like a very comfortable yet very aggressive shoe! Nice and stiff for small limestone edges and incredible rubber to save your life on a grit solo…..I dont see my feet very often as I tend to be wearing those shoes! Safe!