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Frances Bensley

I have now been climbing for about 20 years, where I started aged 6 with my Dad. Growing up I loved the outdoors and sport of all kinds. Despite not remembering a time when I didn't climb, it wasn't until later that everything else took a backseat and climbing became my primary focus - it seems to be where I am happiest. Currently, I predominately boulder, but I love an occasional sport climbing trip and that is also where climbing started for me and so I very much think of myself as both. My biggest achievements in bouldering were done in the last 12 months and they are Fat Lip 8B and Keen Roof 8B. In sport climbing my biggest achievement was also Kale Borroka 8b+. I think the difference for me recently has been a change in my attitude towards hard problems, not limiting myself and developing more confidence in my own ability as a climber. I feel like I am in a good place with climbing both physically and mentally and I am psyched looking forward!


Coventry, West Midlands


My main focus in climbing is currently bouldering and sport climbing. However, I do love an occasional trad day on the sea cliffs ad DWS. Outside of climbing I try to dabble at surfing when I get the opportunity - living in the middle of the country sadly doesn't help my situation.


The most stand out problems are Fat Lip 8B, Keen Roof 8B and Pilgrom 8A/8A+. I also climbed Kale Borroka 8B+ in 2018 and I would like to make sport climbing a bit more of a focus.

-Favourite Scarpa-

The Booster S are my go to shoe and I am very psyched about the new model coming out. I also love the Drago on the odd occasion that you will find me comp climbing.

-No Place Too Far-

There is no one place that stands out specifically to me so pretty much everywhere. I would love to visit the Rocklands but equally there are still so many problems and places in Europe and the UK that I would love to explore.


Photo Credit - Jonathan Bean, Alastair Lee, Slyvan Chouhan, Sam Prior, Edward Jordan, Alice Bensley

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