Lucy Creamer

It’s now been about 23 years since I committed myself to the life of a climber and what a time I’ve had! I couldn’t have predicted how well things would turn out; onsighting E7’s, onsighting f8a’s and becoming British Champion 8 times are just some of my highlights. So far, it’s been an amazing journey. The ‘chase’ for bigger numbers is an integral part of being a climber and the reason to keep pushing yourself. But for me they aren’t the be all and end all. As much as I find those physical and mental games intriguing, what I love most about climbing, are the incredible places you spend chunks of your life in and the unique people you climb with who become your friends. The richness and variety that comes from this, I feel, is an important part of living life to the full.

I’ve had many ups and downs, climbing and life related, who hasn’t? And learning how to deal with adversity has been an interesting one. Especially over the last few years, as they haven’t been the best but at the end of 2014 into 2015, I feel like I am moving into a new stage of my climbing; in my mid-forties and recovered from a long-term injury, what is now possible? I don’t know but am certainly willing to find out. Being psyched for my climbing is a gift and is certainly one I won’t underestimate anymore. Having lost it for a while (mainly due to the injuries), subsequently regaining it feels great! So I am looking forward to seeing where hard work and commitment can take me next…exciting times ahead.

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