Martin Smith

I'm 32 yrs old and have been climbing for around 14/15 years. One of the questions Scarpa have asked is: What is my biggest achievement in climbing.  I thought about this for a while, a couple of things sprung to mind but i think what mostly stands out is that im still climbing.  Climbing, especially bouldering is hard on the body and as any of my close friends will testify I seem to be perpetually injured.  Is it really worth what will surely be years of arthritic pain in the future... of course it is! Not that I don't enjoy climbing anymore, its great and gives you something to do which sometimes involves going outside and visiting nice places.

Motivation is key, and the longer you climb the harder it gets.  I love to read stories of the slightly older folk still pulling hard after years of climbing, like Fred Nicole our leader, recently climbing another Font 8C boulder at age 40.

So, no time to waste.  Get training, get psyched and no more chublublu, well not until at least the next injury;)

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