Martin Smith

I started climbing in 1996 first in Leeds then Bingley, first outdoor experience Shipley Glen (it was all downhill after that). 

I am now residing in Sheffield and bouldering outdoors (when possible).  I used to do comps but a bit old for it now.  Managed to finish 2nd at the British Champs 05/06 then had a come back in 2014 and became King of the Wave, possibly the most prestigious title anyone has received from Bingley.  I still keep an interest in the comp scene and have had great fun helping the setting team at a few World Cups and the CWIF in Sheffield.  

My most regular climbing partners over the years have been Paul Houghoughi (Huffy) and Andy Earl.  While certainly not hero's to me  (do people really have hero's?) these two were there when climbing meant the most.  Now I have to settle for people from Sheffield!


Leeds, UK


Bouldering and ten pin bowling!


2nd at the British Championships 2005/06, climbing 8B while holding down a full-time job, opening City Bloc Climbing Wall, maintaining a half decent level into my late/very late 30's

-Favourite Scarpa-

Instinct VS, though enjoying the Chimera at the moment.......and the new Mago is amazing on steep climbs

-No Place too Far-

Failing a huge undiscovered boulder field somewhere, Fontainebleau would be fine for the rest of my life.




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