Thomas Smith

I was born near Doncaster and started climbing on the Gritstone crags of The Peak at the age of 14. I went out with a group of old boys that taught me the craft which normally meant being wrist or arm deep in some kind of crack. I climbed almost consistently for about five years, then eventually life started getting in the way and climbing then took a backseat for a while.

In 2010 I found that passion again in the form of bouldering, and haven’t looked back since. I’m currently working as the Assistant Manager and Head Setter at Highball Climbing Centre in Norwich (Can’t really get any further away from any decent rock!). I currently only set in house but one day hope to set further afield.

Climbing heroes? Anyone that doesn't take themselves too seriously.

My favourite place to climb has to be Font, not just for the climbing but also for all that good wine and cheese they have over there.  L’Angle Ben’s at Franchard Isatis has to be one of my favourite problems I’ve climbed to date.

My prefered climbing style would be roofs and the burly stuff but i'm too weak for that, so i stick to slabs, vert and aretes.

There are many places that I really want to head to, the top of the list has to be either Switzerland or Rocklands. Both places look amazing with some great looking blocs. I best start booking some time off and get training!

Images courtesy of Chris Ridley

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