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Tom Newman

I started climbing at the age of 7 at Newton Aycliffe centre (commonly referred to by the locals as The Wreck). Growing up in the North East, Andrew Earl quickly became one of my idols. I wanted to climb as hard as him (as it stands, I’m still working on that). Climbing has surrounded me all my life and I now work for the Climbing Depot. It’s great to be a part of a company that keeps helping in pushing the sport to the next level with their incredible facilities. My main goal is to keep pushing myself as hard as I can and to keep loving the sport I am in.




Climbing. I’m not interesting enough to do anything else


Recently, my standout achievements have been completing classic high ball test pieces such as Samson (8A), High Fidelity (8B) and The Magician (8A).

-Favourite Scarpa-

For me, it has to be the Instinct VSR's' They are just an awesome all- round shoe.

-No Place too Far-

: I’m desperate to get to New Zealand, the climbing at Castle and Flock Hill looks incredibly unique. I think the uniqueness of the place actually puts a lot of people off from going as it’s highly likely your standard V11 climber can get shut down on V1’s which also means fewer people. I like climbing areas that aren’t as busy. The backdrop setting to every climb looks too good to be true from the photos have seen. I will go there one day.


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