Pebax® - Scarpa



Pebax® has a very low density that accommodates the design of lighter parts. Pebax® is ideal for outsoles, offering resilience to repeated stress, along with resistance to distortion and deformation.


Maximum strength where you need support, flexibility where you need movement. Pebax® grades can be combined within a single component to provide rigidity at one end, flexibility at the other. Controlled flexibility governs the movement of the shoe and, with each stride, returns it to its original shape.


Shock absorption in sport equipment improves control and increases enjoyment. Pebax® can absorb the shocks and vibrations normally experienced in sports activities (e.g. tennis rackets).
Cold Resistant

Unlike toes and fingers, Pebax® doesn't stiffen in cold weather. Snow shoe soles made with Pebax® retain their mechanical properties (strength and impact resistance) and resilience under freezing conditions (-40°C).


Premium golf balls exploit Pebax® high resistance to deformation and excellent compressive strength. Pebax® in various core technologies offers excellent resistance to permanent deformation, which can improve distance and ball flight


Pebax® is an ideal material for high performance athletic shoes and equipment. Exceptional compression and fatigue resistance make Pebax® the best choice for outsoles where high strength and support are needed at low density. Pebax® can be injected into very thin parts.


Pebax® polyether block amides are plasticizer-free thermoplastic elastomers from the technical polymers family. They are easy to process by injection molding as well as profile or film extrusion. Pebax® can achieve a wide range of physical and mechanical properties by varying monomer block types and ratios.

Pebax® can be easily melt blended with other polymers. It offers good resistance to most chemicals and a large capacity to be impregnated with fragrances.