Footbed - Scarpa


The footbed is an excellent tool, to adjust the fit and support level within your boots.

Footbeds are sizes in continental full sizes 36-48 and are suited to “trim to fit” adjustment. We recommend the existing footbed you are using as the perfect template!

Transpiration Forefoot depth 3mm

Transpiration FootbedThis is the standard footbed, we use in most walking boots, it gives good underfoot support and is anatomically shaped. It features high air flow to keep you cool in summer and carbon active treatment which reduces foot odour. Its top service is lined with Cambrelle® a fantastic durable material with moisture management.

Use: To refresh the existing fit in most walking and mountain footwear.

High Support Forefoot depth 3mm

High Support FootbedThis footbed offer’s the opportunity to upgrade the level of arch and heel cup support. However, it importantly it does not reduce volume in the forefoot over the standard footbed. Its supportive heel cradle enhances stability and provides improved underfoot shock absorption. Carbon active treatment reduces foot odour.

Use: Upgrade the support to your arch and heel cup area in most walking and mountain and ski footwear.

Super Support Forefoot depth 5mm

Super Support FootbedAs the name suggest a superior upgrade to the level of arch, heel cup and ball support. Note this footbed, features a 5mm forefoot depth including additional forefoot padding zone, therefore is ideally suited to adjusting volume, in loose fitting and stretched boots as well as offering our highest level of foot protection.

Use: For maximum support, comfort and foot protection and for easy volume adjustment in loose fitting walking, ski and mountain footwear.

Thermo Support Forefoot depth 4.5mm

Thermo Support FootbedThis footbed, features a Thermofelt lining and reflective aluminium film with EVA sandwich construction to provide superb underfoot warmth for cold climate and winter use. The heel cup support level is based on the High support model, with the forefoot depth close to that of our Super support, thus offering a degree of volume adjustment.

Use: Upgrade underfoot warmth and provide great support, for winter walking, mountaineering and skiing.

Volume adjuster Depth 3mm

Volume Adjuster FootbedA valuable tool, for reducing excess volume in boots, for those with narrow/low volume feet and for retro-fitting loose and stretched boots. Place beneath the existing footbed. This product can be easily cut to fit all boot shapes. Note, although slightly heavier, than some variants, we choose this material, which is pre- compressed, resulting in the optimum durability of fit.

Use: Reduce excess volume in all footwear types.