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LEATHER is a natural material and selection of the right grade of leather to meet the end use of the boot is an essential and highly specialist skill.

The origin of the hide, the age, rearing and care of the beast and the tanning process are all critical elements which effect the finished performance and look of the boot. SCARPA have over 50 years experience of dealing and negotiating with tanneries to secure the finest leathers and meticulously select the hides they use in their leather walking and mountain boots. The tanning process is a critical factor in the production of quality leathers and is what makes the leather water resistant. Some leathers use traditional tanning processes and ingredients. More expensive leathers like Scarpa's HS12 use a tanning treatment which forces a silicone based ingredient deep into the leather. This gives improved and more durable water resistance to the leather and also allows the leather to dry out faster, even when it does become wet. Leather is still regarded as the finest material for quality walking boots. It does however require care and protection to maintain its performance.

Full grain calf leather

A high quality leather of 2.4mm to 2.6mm in thickness, ideal for fell or lighter weight hillwalking boots, which require less bedding in.

HS12 Sherpa Leather

A 2.7 mm to 2.9 mm tanned leather. The extra thickness and durability of this leather is perfectly suited to stronger hill and mountain walking boots, where extra support and resistance to scuffing is important. Sherpa leather is treated with the HS12 tanning process which is durable and resistant to scuffing and stops the leather from wetting out so easily.We recommend the use from new of Scarpa's HS12 cream.

Nubuck Leather

A full grain leather where the outer surface has a finely sanded, texturised finish, which gives the boot an added appeal. Scarpa Nubuck leathers are treated with HS12 to ensure best performance. This leather should not be confused with suede or reversed leathers.


This is the standard grade of leather used by most leading mountaineering boot manufacturers. It is a premier leather for mountain footwear and gives excellent comfort and general performance. However, without the HS12 treatment, its water repellancy is not as efficient as Reversed Anfibio leather.

HS 12 Reversed Anfibio Leather

The finest, premier leather at 3.0mm + thickness. Reversed Anfibio offers maximum strength, support and abrasion resistance. There leathers are"reversed" (i.e. with the textured side out and the tanned surface inside). This protects the hides best surface from scuffing and abrasion, which improves durability and water resistance. Reversed Anfibio is a prime quality leather and should not be confused with ordinary leathers or suede. All Scarpa Reversed Anfibio leather has the specilised HS12 tanning treatment which impregnates silicone into the leather, making the leather more water resistant. This treatment is durable and resistant to scuffing, stops the leather from wetting out so easily and dries out faster than traditionally tanned leathers.


A special tanning treatment making the leather more water resistant, breathable and quicker drying than normal untreated leather. This treatment is durable and resistant to scuffing. All Sherpa, Nubuck and Reversed Anfibio leathers in the Scarpa range are given this additional treatment.