GORE-TEX Walking Boots

GORE-TEX Walking Boots

When out in nature we look to our boots and shoes to protect us from the elements – keeping our feet nice and dry – this is why we have a large selection of Gore-Tex Walking Boots!

We use Gore-Tex linings in our walking boots as they are great at keeping water out of your boots, whilst still being breathable enough to let sweat evaporate. Perfect for those hot summer days as well as winter walks.

All of our Gore-Tex boots are marked GTX.

What is Gore-Tex?

Gore-Tex household name for outdoor enthusiasts protecting everything from your head to your toes!

Gore-Tex is a lightweight, breathable and waterproof lining material which is used throughout the SCARPA collection.

It’s breathable nature and waterproof qualities make it ideal for a wide range of conditions and climates, ensuring total protection while letting the foot breathe and move. 

Year round protection

While Gore-Tex Walking boots are designed to keep your feed dry from wet conditions they are also great for summer conditions.

The innovative technologies found in your Gore-Tex walking boots are integrated into the shoe for optimised breathability. This allows moisture from sweat to escape keeping your feet comfortable all year long in any conditions.

Take a look at some of our favourite Gore-Tex walking boots


The Rush TRK is made for comfort with technologies that reduce foot fatigue during walking.

The Rush TRK has a Gore-Tex Extended Comfort membrane, which has a highly abrasion resistant and quick drying textile lining material while the highly breathable membrane holds a remarkable ability to disperse heat.

Keeping your feet protected from water, while sweat that is created inside the shoe can go quickly out.


Terra GTX

The Terra GTX is on of our most popular walking boots – perfect for low level walking in the UK.

The soft leather upper is incredibly comfortable straight out of the box, and the revised stitching pattern make it even more dependable.

The GORE-TEX membrane ensures your feet stay comfortable in any weather conditions.



The Mescalito TRK Planet GTX combines the best technologies and sustainable materials with comfort, support and stability.

This fabric is made from a single-piece upper with recycled yarns and combines functionally different zones with the new GORE-TEX® Flux 3L membrane, which contains 98% recycled fabrics, and a Vibram® Ecostep Evo compound sole, with up to 30% recycled rubber.



Other types of protection

While most of our boots use Gore-Tex linings, some of our boots have alternative protection. Some of our mountain boots use HDry Linings, while our SL boots use a 2.8mm Sherpa leather (the toughest and most water-resistant of any full grain leather SCARPA uses) impregnated with HS12 and build as a one piece construction for durable weather protection.