Scarpa Demos

Scarpa Demos

Scarpa Demos are your chance to try Scarpa climbing shoes before you buy!

Come along to your local demo, chat to one of our Scarpa experts and climb in the Scarpa range.

Scarpa Demos are informal, fun and are free to attend (usual wall entry fees apply).

See below for our scheduled demos:

We don't currently have any demos planned. Check back later in the year.

Cant see a Scarpa demo near you?

We regularly add new demos all around the UK and Ireland – so check back for the latest or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

What shoes can you try?

Scarpa demo nights feature a huge range of shoes with something for all levels of climbers, climbing a range of rock (and plastic) types:

Here are some of our favourites:


This specialist indoor climbing shoe has a square toe profile with quite a wide heel, so will fit a wide range of foot shapes yet maintain enough support, sensitivity and power to climb high end grades with ease and without the usual rock shoe pain.

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A favourite amongst the Scarpa team for bouldering competitions, the Drago (and Drago LV) are finely tuned climbing machines!

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Instinct S

This high performing and versatile climbing shoe is designed for steep athletic rock routes and indoor climbing in mind.

The Instinct S is the most flexible version in the Instinct collection, taking advantage of the new CTS technology.

The large rubber cover above the toe area enables powerful toe-hooking, there’s an integral heel cup for sensitive heel-hooking, a slightly asymmetrical and downturned shape with a medium angled toe box for precision footwork.