The Best Beginner Climbing Shoes

The Best Beginner Climbing Shoes

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If you are just starting out on your climbing adventure or looking to progress – you may be looking for a pair of beginner climbing shoes.

With so many climbing shoes available in the market it can be confusing for beginner climbers as there are so many different fits, shapes and uses!

In this blog you will find out what to look for in a beginner climbing shoe and how to choose the right shoe for you!


The key to getting a great beginner climbing shoe is finding a comfortable shoe.

You may have heard from more experienced climbers that climbing shoes need to hurt to fit properly. While you do want you shoes to be tight fitting – if they are too painful you will not want to wear them and not want to climb!

The best bet is to go for a tight but comfortable fit. If you aren’t sure head to your local wall or climbing shop and they will help you get the right fit.


You will see experienced climbers conquering the competition walls wearing asymmetrical and downturned climbing shoes. These shoes are designed for the needs of technically demanding climbs and will be unnecessary for beginners needs.

As a beginner it is best to go for a flatter shoe which will make the transition to wearing climbing shoes easier and will allow you to climb for longer!


While a value pair of climbing shoes may be great for getting started the materials won’t be as durable and may soon wear out!

As a beginner climber, your technique won’t be as smooth and therefore your climbing shoes may suffer wear and tear quicker.

Our beginner models are designed with tough rubber and uppers perfect for perfecting your footwork!

SCARPA’s Beginner Climbing Shoes – The Comfort Line

We don’t have a designated beginner climbing shoe range, because some of our shoes which are suitable for beginners are also suitable for more experience climbers looking for a comfortable pair of shoes to climb in. This is why we recommend our comfort line for beginners.

Our comfort line of shoes are perfect for beginner climbers – as they combine comfort and technology, these pairs are either flat or slightly angled in shape for an easy fit and maximum convenience, even after multiple uses.


An outstanding entry level shoe that uses a unique fly knit construction for enhanced comfort and ventilation.

Featuring zonal mapping on the upper it has an optimum mixture of supportive weave and stretching to facilitate structure, protection, ease of entry and comfort.

Dual Velcro tabs for fit adjustment and our vision rubber compliment the unique performance and cosmetic of this radical new model.

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All day use, comfortable indoors and outside on entry to mid-grade climbs.

The combination of flat lasted comfort, good edge support and an adjustable fit through its lace system make this a great all-rounder.

Vibram XS Edge rubber, provides additional edge support and durability.

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The Veloce is the perfect – next step up.

The Veloce offers comfort and technology with a special focus on indoor climbing.

With a square toe profile with quite a wide heel, it will fit a wide range of foot shapes. However it maintains enough support, sensitivity and power to climb high grades with ease and without the usual rock shoe pain. This means you can train or climb harder for longer in the Veloce.

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Veloce Lace

The lace-up version of the Veloce has all of the comfort and technology of the Velcro version, but with the customisable fit which comes with lace ups.

Cinch up your shoes for those moments where you need ultimate precision, or loosen for extended comfort.

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Want to get advice from our climbing shoe experts and try the SCARPA Range before you buy? Then head down to one of our demo nights.

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