All quality boots are built around a carefully crafted foot shaped model - known as a "last". It is the last which gives a boot its fit characteristics. The quality of the lasting, and the time that each upper spends on the last, is crucial in giving Scarpa boots their renowned shape and fit.

Scarpa develop a last to specifically suit the end use of each boot. As a result, when you step into a SCARPA boot, you can be sure it has been carefully designed to suit you and your activity. Additionally, SCARPA were the first company to develop a purpose made last for women's boots. Today every ladies specific model has a dedicated female last. These lasts are slimmer in the mid foot and heel areas (Note: This female last may also be appropriate for a slim, low volume male foot and conversely a high volume, broad female foot may be better suited to the standard last).

Explode the myths!!

Although Italian- Scarpa boots are not narrow- with dedicated lasts for the UK and global markets as detailed below.

“ I don’t fit Scarpa” – customers historic experience of an older model, will undoubtedly be eradicated with the modern array of fits in this range. We believe we have a last shape for every foot out there, unlike many of our competitors who offer you a take it or leave it fit option!.

The lasts used in the Scarpa range are: