The demand for energy

Demographic growth and the development of the great economic systems have taken energy consumption to unsustainable peak levels for the planet.

Energy sources

At the present time, 92% of our global energy needs comes from primary, non-renewable sources.

Damage caused by energy production

Even if the energy sources currently used were inexhaustible, there would still be serious problems due to the CO2 emissions resulting from the use of fossil fuels. We now know that the enormous amount of CO2 from combustion is responsible for the greenhouse effect and rise in the earth’s temperatures. They lead to major climate changes, upsetting ecosystems, social systems and the planetary economy. We are still in time to reverse the trend by mending our ways, as individuals, institutions and enterprises.

An eco-sustainable choice

Our products tread the most wonderful and unspoiled landscapes on earth. We feel we must do our best to preserve them. The first step has been the creation of the brand “PLANET FRIENDLY”, for all the products made of environment-friendly materials.