Aidan Roberts

Name: Aidan Roberts

Hometown: Rydal, Cumbria

Sport: Climbing

I have grown up living an active lifestyle in the heart of the lake district.  Although, I didn’t start climbing until the relatively late age of 13. I was always into sports and with a childhood of scrambling up hills and climbing trees, rock climbing came naturally to me. I mostly climb alone so bouldering naturally became my main discipline. From the very start, I loved training and so my motivation was never an issue.

About 2 years later I began competing and made the GB climbing team at the end of that year, only to then go on to win the European Championships the following year. It was a great start! However, my progress was quickly slowed when a serious fall whilst bouldering in Fontainebleau left me with a severely damaged foot. After surgery and I was able to get back to training and made significant, and much needed strength gains. But my style of climbing drastically changed. Since then I have found what feels like a healthy balance between competitions and outdoors climbing, both of which I am extremely passionate about.

This year (2018) I competed in my first senior world cups and, though I did not feel I fulfilled my potential, I had a great time doing it and feel I learnt a lot about what I need to work on in the run up to next season.

Get to know Aidan


I am mainly a boulderer, balancing competitions and outdoor climbing, though, when I get the opportunity, I very much enjoy both sport and trad climbing too. Outside of climbing, I currently study Math at UCL in London and balancing my training and studies. In the little time remaining I very much enjoy to cook and bake.


I think my proudest achievement in competitions was becoming the European Youth Bouldering Champion 2015, it was very near the start of my international competition career and I think it came as a surprise to everyone. More recently, I was able to make semi-finals in the senior bouldering world cup in Vail, America. However, I feel I have performed better in outdoor bouldering trips. In particular, a trip to Rocklands, South Africa this summer was my most productive yet and I was able to leave with a tick list I was proud of.

Favourite Scarpa

My favourite shoe is the Drago’s, I find them ideal for competitions as they can smear and toe hook very well. The down-turned shape allows for tension on steep angles and the flexibility makes smearing on volumes and slabs feel far easier.

No Place too Far

I'm keen to explore The Grampians, Australia. It looks to be an incredible bouldering destination with beautiful rock quality and a high density of hard boulders which could keep me busy for a while!

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