Eder Lomba


Name: Eder Lomba

Hometown: Basque Country/ Sheffield

Sport: Climbing

Growing up in the Basque Country, scrambling and mountaineering in Picos de Europa and Pyrenees was a big part of my life. However, it wasn’t until much later, after I’d turned 20 years old, that I discovered sport climbing. At first it seemed ridiculous, stopping, mid way up a wall instead of reaching the summit, but I tried it once, then twice, and soon enough the poison had sunk in, and I couldn’t stop.

Soon after, I quit my job as a plumber, and decided to dedicate myself to climbing. I helped to develop the climbing community in my village. I began setting and later coaching in my local gym, and slowly became the climber I am today.

I love travelling, climbing, and spending long seasons in my van. I have everything I need when I’m surrounded by the mountains.

Climbing has become my life, I live and breath it. I want to climb everything, every style, everywhere.

Get to know Eder


I like building my own stuff, but what I enjoy the most, is finding something I won't be able to do, and doing it.


Discovering climbing, Finding my way in a foreign country and learning English the hard way. Surviving the UK winter,

-Favourite Scarpa-

Instinct VSR and VS

-No Place too Far-



Photo Credit - Marsha Balaeva, Sandro Gromen-Hayes