Percy Bishton

An obsessive rock climber for over 30 years, with a non-conformist approach to the world of work, I invented my own job of professional route setter 18 years ago – the first person to convince a climbing wall owner that people could be paid a full-time salary just to put holds onto climbing walls. Since that point things have moved on somewhat, and I have a share in two of the best bouldering gyms in the world – The Climbing Works in Sheffield, and Gravity in Dublin. When not working in my own walls, I work for the IFSC as a Chief route setter, designing the climbs for world cup competitions. I worked as a routesetter for my first international competition in 1994, and since then have set at 36 international competitions including 3 World championships and 3 European championships. I also do a bit of writing for various publications in my spare time, including writing the bouldering section for the recent Peak Rock book.  Any spare time is taken up by my two kids, climbing, road biking, snowboarding, gardening or making bits of furniture. I am never bored.