Robyn Cassidy

Name: Robyn Cassidy

Hometown: A little hilltop near Derby

Sport: Trail, ultra and mountain running

Usually found at the weekends halfway up a hill or knee deep in bog.

Get to know Robyn

Tell us about your successes so far?

I’m very lucky to have had some incredible race experiences this year.

Completed my first 100 miler around the stunning coast of Cornwall with The Arc in January, came away with a tidy black buckle and 2nd place!

Ran UTS 100km in May gaining 2nd place and some impressive tan lines. Raced Helvellyn sky ultra gaining 1st place. Slayed the dragon in September, this was the most challenging and memorable experience yet, achieved 1st place and 3rd overall.

What are you working on? What are your goals for the future?

I haven’t worked out my next big race yet. But I love a challenge that scares me and a ‘big project’ race.

I enjoy the process of training and experimenting with different training approaches. One of the great things with trail and ultra running is that there are so many different disciplines to work on and improve.

It can be working on the hills, speed on flat, technical terrain, downhill technique, pacing… then there’s the food, hydration and sleep. Its endless.

Why do you run? What do you love about running?

I feel that running has so many facets. On one side, you can throw yourself into the nitty gritty details of training. But on the other side, it can be so simple and pretty grounding.

For me, when everything seems to be moving too fast, putting my shoes on and disappearing into the hills will always connect me back to myself. It can also be hugely humbling, there are many days where running doesn’t give you what you want, it can chew you up and spit you out.

Buuuut probably most importantly, nothing beats heading to the hills with some mates, a map, and a bag full of snacks. I bloomin’ love the trail running community and I have met some of the best people along the way.

Which Scarpa shoe is your favourite?

I love the Spin ST, the grip is unreal, it’s really responsive and the upper fits around my foot like a glove (or probably more appropriate…sock). Makes my feet feel fast.

Also love the Spin Infinity, they are super, super comfy and light, but also still great on the more technical terrain.

Tell us about your best day running?

Way too many to write down here. I love competing, but my favourite days are when I’m running with buddies in the hills. This year, I’ve had some mega adventures recceing the dragons back route with the pretty inspiring DBR ladies.

I spent a holiday exploring the stunning trails in Chamonix with one of my fav amigos. Also spent plenty of fun days on local trails in the peaks with the awesome ‘peaky runners’.

What do you do away from your sport?

I’m a research physiotherapist and work for the MOD. I love my job, its challenging, stressful, but also pretty rewarding. I’m surviving a PhD alongside my work, which not going to lie, at times can be a love/hate relationship.

I looove baking, I’m not always successful and its never dainty or pretty, but it’s a working progress.

Where is your #NoPlacetooFar?


A shack in the mountains.




Photo Credit: No Limit Photography, Pete Stables, Andy Milton Photography

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