Tim Blake

Name: Tim Blake

D.O.B: 31/05/1999

Hometown: Hexham, Northumberland

Sport: Climbing

I’ve climbed all my life. When I was around 11-12 it was my Saturday treat to go out climbing with my dad and his friends to the crag, so I’ve been surrounded by it my whole life. They are all avid climbers and developers, so It’s given me a good insight into preserving and developing the crags around Northumberland.

I think my enthusiasm was sparked at around the age of 14. I’ve never really had any serious coaching per say so all my hints and tips use to come from climbing with other people which I enjoy. I like doing all types of climbing but outdoors is where my passion lies. I’ve been lucky enough to have climber parents, so I’ve had the chance to climb all over the world from places like the Dolomites to Yosemite doing longer multi-pitch style climbing.

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Tell us about your successes so far?

Doing a mixture of boulder problems and routes I find inspiring. In more boring terms I’d always wanted to boulder 8b in a session, which is a goal I’ve realised a few times now on varied rock types. Doing some new first ascents has been a privilege as well.

What are you working on? What are your goals for the future?

I’ll finish my degree soon, so focus is mainly on that! Once that’s done, I’d love to put more time into other disciplines of climbing on varied rock types to become a better all-round climber rather than just bouldering all the time like I have done the past couple years. Id also love to get a job I enjoy in the future, hopefully something within environmental science.

Why do you climb? What do you love about climbing?

I really enjoy the problem-solving aspect of climbing, finding a new sequence that works for me or doing really good moves brings me a lot of joy. I also find that climbing is a brilliant place to escape and can take my mind of stressful times.

Which Scarpa shoe is your favourite?

I really like the Drago LV and the Instinct VSR they act as a brilliant pair for most rock types in my opinion. The instinct slippers are good for clawing down on holds in a roof.

Tell us about your best day climbing?

A day out bouldering in sunny North Wales at the Caseg boulder with good friends sticks in my mind. We were all trying a problem together cooling off in the river between goes, I was struck by a moment of pure joy and honestly couldn’t imagine being more content being in great company in a brilliant setting.

What do you do away from your sport?

I’m currently studying in my final year of an undergrad course at Bangor Uni so that takes up a lot of my free time. I also like walking, playing a bit of squash and going to the pub.

Where is your #NoPlacetooFar?

Fontainebleau, I’ve still yet to go!


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