SCARPA's® experience and research guarantee absolute comfort in the new "ACTIVfit Technology" line: absolute in the sense that it turns subjective wellbeing into objective comfort.  The new range of products takes a quality up a notch in terms of performance, comfort, style and durability, specifically built for the maximus performance on any type of terrain.  These models have all it takes to tackle backpacking, challenging trekking trips and lengthy hikes.  "ACTIVfit Technology" seperately develops specific shapes, soles and models for men and women.


Used in W Ranger 2 Activ, Mythos, Mythos Tech and W Delta Activ. Similar to the BD last but specific for womens fit. A recently designed all-new modern last. Which whilst allowing for exceptional foot-hold also has enough volume to allow for modern levels of cushioning to be incorporated within the boot thus enabling both greater instant comfort and all day performance. The proportions of this last differ from the BD last in that it has a narrower heel and proportionally broader fore-foot.


Used in Baltoro WNS and Mustang WNS the MBE last is a female specific version of the MBD last featuring a lower volume mid foot and ankle/heel zone.

1. Ball Girth: New profile for maximum foot hold.

2. Toe Spring: Better foot rolling in synergy with the bio-mechanical parameters.

3. Toe Area: More volume for optimal fit.

4. Heel Area: To provide perfect heel hold and increased comfort.

Activfit Sock Liner

Scarpa®, developed moulded sock liner specifically for men. SCARPA® ACTIV FIT SOCK LINER provides for the best comfort and support.

Breathable Textile


Moulded Insulating Layer

Viscoflex® "Memory Foam" for better cushioning and lowest compression