As a general rule high performance hill and mountaineering boots are made from thicker leathers and have stiffer midsoles than do lower level walking boots. It is therefore essential to break in higher performance boots. To do this you should start by wearing them for a short distance and progressively lengthen the walks that you do. Never be tempted to take new boots and go out for a long trip in them. Always break them in over time.

It is often easier to prevent rubbing or blister problems. A piece of elastoplast or Second Skin put on early will often prevent a blister forming. If a blister does occur in the breaking in process then there are now excellent treatments available of which Compeed is probably the best known. A good pair of boots correctly fitted will give you many miles of comfortable use but it is worth remembering that almost as much of the comfort lies in the fitting and adjustment of the boot as in the boots themselves. We hope this information is helpful to you and wish you years of comfortable use from your Scarpa Boots.