Cocona, Inc. is a privately-held company based in Boulder, Colorado. Our ingredient technologies enhance the performance of apparel so we can all stay out longer. With Cocona, we are all adventurers who will challenge the sun, the wind, the rain, the heat, and the cold, knowing they are elements of our adventure rather than elements that bring the adventure to an end.

  • Cocona® fabrics add 800% to the surface area of a fabric vs. 20% for Coolmax®
  • Cocona Breathable Waterproof fabrics are 50% more breathable than competitors
  • Cocona removes moisture from each layer of an apparel system 50% to 250% faster
  • Cocona products were Extreme tested in a run across the Sahara, on an Antarctic Expedition on foot, as well as with professional and athletes and weekend warriors
  • Cocona is a naturally derived permanent technology that never washes out or wears out.

Cocona is committed to the pursuit of industry leadership. The trailblazing science behind our innovations is reinventing how fabric technologies function. Our patented processes are an absolute breakthrough for the apparel industry and ensure differentiation for our brand partners. We are defining the standards and developing the testing that will guide and inform the industry as it moves forward.