Correct foot preparation is a key component in getting comfortable performance from your boots. Try to buy good performance socks. A few guidelines to look for in a good sock are:

  • The tightness of the knit - a good sock will normally be a tight and smooth knit.
  • Make sure there is good shaping to the sock - tube socks should be avoided.
  • Check that the sock has good stretch and elasticity.
  • If possible try to use socks that wick moisture away (the foot puts out around 50ml of sweat per day)

Socks are an ideal way of making small adjustments to the volume and fit of the boot so be prepared to experiment with combination and density of socks you use to get the best fit - but we believe that you should never wear more than two pairs (A liner and an outer sock). If you need more than two socks it is likely that you need to take the next boot size down.