Dave Barrans

Dave Barrans is one of the UK’s most accomplished competition climbers however his apprenticeship was significantly more traditional. Having been brought up on the gritstone crags of Yorkshire, he has climbed for as long as he can remember and has dabbled in most aspects of climbing. From hard trad. on-sights to long alpine adventures he has savoured each for the different experiences they offer and quietly proved he is no ‘one trick pony’. Having on-sighted up to E7, bouldered 8b+ and red-pointed F8b+ Dave is most focused on making fast ascents of classic lines.


Over the last few years Dave has concentrated largely on competitions, in both bouldering and sport climbing disciplines. He became British Lead Champion in 2011 and has successfully defended his title as British Bouldering Champion over the consecutive seasons of 2012, 13 and 14. To this day, Dave remains the only British climber to have stood on the podium at a World Championship, placing 3rd in 2009. Other career highlights including winning the CWIF (Climbing Works International Festival) in 2012 and coming 2nd innumerable times!


Dave is still based in Yorkshire and works as a route setter across the country to pay the bills and support his competition habit. With big goals for the future, the next few years are sure to be exciting for this unassuming Yorkshire man.

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