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Eliot Stephens

I started climbing in 2010 at the age of 18, in my home of South Wales. I spent a year doing long mountain routes, lots of scrambling and hillwalking before eventually getting into trad, sport and finally bouldering in mid 2011. Bouldering has consumed me. I’m not quite sure why. I think it’s the physical elements combined with the problem solving and the psychology of it. That said, a huge motivating factor for me is the buzz I get from seeing the progression through training.

I’ve been able to travel across Europe to France, Switzerland, and Spain, and I am constantly seeing more and more world class bits of rock which just motivates me to push myself and improve further. I’ve climbed up to font 8B+, but I feel I am able to go much further than this. My goals in climbing are to climb 8C/V15, and to continue to progress and learn as much about climbing as I can, while also imparting some of this knowledge to others and the future generation. I would also like to visit some of the most famous climbing areas outside of Europe, including America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Some of my proudest moments in climbing aren’t attached to particular climbs or projects I’ve completed. I am most proud of my ability to deal with injuries and setbacks and focus completely on becoming better as a result. When you push your body like climbers do, you have to be prepared and fully able to deal with obstacles, mentally and physically.

As well as the climbing itself, I enjoy the creative outlets of film making and photography, creating something visually appealing which others will find enjoyment or inspiration from. Film making also serves other purposes for me. It allows me to create a catalogue of climbs I have completed, allowing me to look back in months or years to come and see what trips and experiences I’ve had. From a technical perspective, having film allows me to analyse and critique myself, to understand how I move and what I need to do to improve.

I’m excited to continue to immerse myself in climbing, to experience as much as I can and visit as many world-class destinations as possible.


South Wales, UK


Bouldering, Videography, Photography. I'm also a bit of a car and film nut.


Font 8B+ in terms of basic numbers. But I gain much more satisfaction from seeing progression (however big or small) I get from training and hard work. Boulders themselves, the lines are the ones that inspire me, whatever grade. Things like Partage and Partenaire Particulier in Fontainebleau, Tomorrow I Will Be Gone in Rocklands or The Neverending Story Slab in Switzerland.

-Favourite Scarpa-

Instinct VSR - precise toe, softer rubber and a great heel.

-No Place too Far-

South Africa - Just one of the list of world class areas to visit. It's like being on Mars.


Photo Credit - Jacob Martin

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