Evie Cotrulia

I am Irish / Italian and grew up in Ireland. I am now permanently based in S.W. London. I live with my partner Yann who is also a full time route setter and we eat sleep and live for climbing.

My first experience of climbing was as an early teen, frequently soloing (sorry Mum) easy stuff at a disused quarry I used to sneak off to near my home. However from the age of 10 I had been training and competing in mini olympic handball, then hockey and 800m. These sports took up all of my time and it wasn’t until my 20’s that I really engaged myself in climbing.

I now do some regular work at White Spider Climbing Centre in Surbiton, Surrey, where amongst many things I manage the route setting. My favourite part of what I do is to set and I also set freelance around the country at various walls. My dream for the future is to see more female route setters going further with their setting careers and for it to be the accepted norm to see females setting more national comps and world cups alongside the boys.

With the setting comes a lot of climbing too. I am lucky to have a partner who is as obsessed with climbing outdoors as me so understands my need to be out on rock as much as possible. We take a lot of climbing trips every year to various countries, the list of places is long……. and the list of places we haven’t been to “yet” is long too! We also try to get out in the UK every weekend and enjoy visiting new crags, this country has so much to offer (when the weather holds up). This keeps us sane to live in London and gives us inspiration for our work.

1. Crimp-O-Phobia, 7b/V8, Magic Wood, Aug 2014.
2. Tomohawk, 7b/V8, Chironico, April 2014.
3. Aktifit, 7a/V6, Chironico, April 2014
4. Rodellar
5. Setting at White Spider SEND Comp Sep 2014
6. Setting finals at Boulder Brighton Comp Mar 2014

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