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Joe Lawson

I have been climbing for around 10 years, I first started climbing at the local sports centre in Norwich. As soon as I could drive a car I was driving to the Peak nearly every weekend to get out on the rock so 2 years ago I decided to get a job in Sheffield and move up there. My motivations in climbing are solely focused on outdoor climbing, I have zero interest in comp climbing, all the indoor climbing I do is training for when I can get on rock. I mainly boulder, but dabble in shorter sport routes and trad routes to mix it up every now and then.

I enjoy traveling around the UK on the weekends as there is so much variety and quality on offer if you're willing to go further afield than the Eastern Peak. I don't get a lot of time off work so the little holiday I get I like to spend on climbing trips to places such as Font. In a few years, I'd like to be doing much the same as I am now, I have goals of problems in the UK that I'd like to do in my lifetime so would hope to achieve some of them.


York, North Yorkshire.


Outdoor Bouldering, Cars and Motor mechanics.


Don't think I have favourite problems as such but I guess achievement wise probably Directors Cut, Tamora, Mutton Busting, Chip Shop Buddy, Imothep, Leviathan and Simbas Pride to name a few were standouts for me.

-Favourite Scarpa-

I've worn my Instinct VS's since they first came out then when the VS-R came out I was all over them too. They are my bread and butter shoe and I used them for nearly everything bar really steep stuff.

-No Place too Far-

Rocklands in South Africa, as the style of boulder problems look amazing and the sheer quantity of things to go at.

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