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Tim Blake

I think I’ve pretty much climbed all my life really. When I was around 11-12 it was my Saturday treat to go out with my Dad and the Northumberland old boys to the crag. So, I’ve been surrounded by it my whole life. Its given me a good insight about preserving and developing the crags around Northumberland.

I think my enthusiasm was really sparked at around the age of 14. I never really had any serious coaching per say so all my hints and tips use to come from climbing with my old man who’s an avid climber himself.  I enjoy doing all types of climbing really but outdoors is really where my passion lies. Also, I have never really done serious climbing competitions. I love walking into a esoteric crag and being miles away from anyone especially in Northumberland, it feels really isolated sometimes.

I have been lucky enough to have climber parents, so, I’ve had the chance to climb all over the world from places like the Dolomites to Yosemite.  However, I think my heart will always lie in Northumberland. I’m fortunate that I have a job that lets me get out a lot, so I am always climbing.


Hexham, Northumberland


I do a lot of bouldering and trad and have recently done a lot of highballing this year. I use to play a lot of squash and skated for quite a while but then climbing took over


I would probably say most of the ground upping I did in 2018 doing Andy Earls ‘’The Dark Side’’ and other highballs like ‘’County Ethics’’ and ‘’The Kremlin’’. Other things that really stand out are things like ‘’Blood Sport’’, ‘’Desperado’’ and ‘’Preparation H’’ in the bouldering department.  I probably could do with another hobby.  Also being slightly less of a punter than I once was is an up. 

-Favourite Scarpa-

Not sure really, I seem to get on with them all well. However, the instinct VSR’s do stand out to me as a really good pair.

-No Place Too Far-

I would like to get back over to the States at some point, maybe places like the Verdon gorge or Rocklands. I would also like to be climbing into later life and still contributing in some way to climbing after I have stopped. 


Photo Credit - Bex Wheland and Mark Savage 

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