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Tom Grant

I grew up playing football and running track and cross-country races. One of my early athletic achievements was in 1997 when I broke my elementary school’s long-held record for running the mile. It wasn’t until 1999 aged 13 I first strapped on a pair of skis, so I feel like I’m still making up for lost time. The first week I skied though I did manage to win a slalom race against kids who had all been skiing before! I’ve also hold an alleged world record (according to some locals there) for ascending Mt. Elgon, the highest peak in Uganda and the largest free-standing mountain in the world (in total area), in record time.


I was born in Arlington, Virginia, USA. However, my home has been Chamonix for the last 8 years!


My main focus is on steep skiing and freeride but I’m passionate about all aspects of skiing and climbing. I’m also an active alpinist and rock climber and love combing alpinism with big mountain skiing. Besides skiing and climbing I like to trail run and lift weights to train for the mountains. I have a 5 year old son who is a huge focus and priority in my life. I’ve recently got into skateboarding through taking him on his scooter to skateparks.


Becoming an IFMGA guide has been a huge milestone in my life and something I’m very proud of. It was an 8 year process of realizing a dream and something now that is the cornerstone of my lifestyle in the mountains.

I’ve skied steep first descents in the Alps, New Zealand, Baffin Island and British Colombia. Skiing the Caroline Face on Mt. Cook has maybe been the highlight of my steep skiing so far. It was possibly one of the very biggest unskied lines in the world. Skiing the first repeat descent since 1975 of the Sentinel Rouge couloir on Mont Blanc (in 2013) was also a milestone for me. It was a committing descent and a really cool aesthetic line on a historical and mythical face.

-Favourite Scarpa-

I’ve skied a ton in the Freedom RS and really love them for their unrivaled downhill performance.Since the new Maestrale RS came out, however, this boot has been a game changer for me.

It gives the best balance of lightweight touring capabilities and downhill performance of any boot I’ve ever used. I still use the Freedom, Maestrale RS and the F1 too, but for steep skiing missions involving a long climb and where I still want to ski aggressively on the way down the Maestrale RS is my boot of choice.

-No Place too Far-

Concerns for the environment and money aside, if I could go anywhere in the world it would be to ski the sickest Alaskan spines with an unlimited Heli budget until my legs were so burnt out I could no longer stand. And with every day would be perfect bluebird.




Photo Credit - Ben Tibbetts, Jake Holland, Johanna Stalnacke, Cornel Boesch, Dave Searle

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