Uisdean Hawthorn

I grew up on a small farm on the North West coast of Scotland. Working outdoors all the time, gathering sheep from the top of Munros, driving tractors, shooting deer and playing any sports that were available at school. One of the only activities I hadn’t tried was climbing which I started at 19 while training to become a joiner.  Although my early life didn’t include any climbing, the all-day fitness and practical skills I had ingrained into me, allowed me to improve quickly and really enjoy Scottish winter climbing.


Over the last 4 years I have spent all my free time getting into the Scottish mountains. I really enjoy the remoteness and the pure style of winter climbing in Scotland. For me I always get the most out of a thin icy/mixed line, that pushing me both physically and mentally. The big adventures you can have in Scotland are amazing considering the cliffs are small and only a couple of hours from the road.


I have started to travel to bigger mountain ranges, exploring new places is great and all my climbing in Scotland has allowed me to try harder routes on big faces with confidence.

The climbing in Scotland is world class in both summer and the winter. I am always telling people it’s a destination every climber should put on their list of places to go.


What I am up to in the future:


I am heading to Patagonia this winter, so the next 6 months all my climbing and training will be building up to that. I actually found it a very hard decision to go, as it means I will miss most of the Scottish winter season.

A month in Yosemite before heading down to Patagonia should be ace fun and good training for getting efficient on the granite. Hopefully the notoriously vicious weather in Patagonia will be good for the trip and we will be able to get onto the amazing granite spires I have heard so much about.


In between you will probably find me in my van dotting round the North West of Scotland where the pace of life is a bit different and every day is a mini adventure.


You can keep up to date with Uisdean's adventures by visiting his website: http://uisdeanhawthorn.com/ 

Alpine climbing in Canada. from Uisdean Hawthorn on Vimeo.

Hasse Brandler, Cima Grande, Dolomite's from Uisdean Hawthorn on Vimeo.

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