Fitting walking boots at home

Fitting walking boots at home

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Can’t get to the shops or prefer to shop online? Check out guide to fitting walking boots at home to help you get that perfect fit.

In a specialist shop a footwear expert will guide you through picking the right boots for you and getting the perfect fit for your needs. A good fit will help you avoid discomfort and painful blisters.

You can still get that perfect fit at home by following our simple guide. Check out the guide and video below:

To get a great fit we recommend heading to an outdoor store – use our store locator to find your nearest. However it is possible to get a great fit at home. Just follow these simple steps.

Know your size

All SCARPA footwear come in European sizes, use a conversion chart to find your correct size. If it has been a while since you were last measured remember that feet can change and spread over time. Most people underestimate the size of their feet and have shoes which are too small. If you can buy two pairs (one a size up) and send back the one which doesn’t fit. The best time to try on your boots is in the evening as your feet will be at their largest.


The socks you wear are important, make sure you choose the right sock for you! A cotton sock will get wet and can cause blisters, so pick a good pair of walking socks. Match the socks to the boots – if you have a lightweight boot, get some lightweight socks!

Fitting your boots

Take the footbed from the boots and carefully place your foot on the footbed, with your heel right to the back. There should be at least a finger width of space between your toe and the end of the footbed.

Putting on the boot

If you are happy with the sizing on the footbed, it is time to put the boots on. Slip your feet into the boots, then bang your heel to ensure your foot is in the correct position.


Loosen the laces all the way to the toe, then start tightening, ensuring that the toes are secure and your heel is firmly in the back of the boot. There are many different techniques to lace your boots and fine tune them to your foot, check out this handy guide from GORE-TEX.

Final checks

When you have put the new boot on, there are a few things to look out for:

  • Width – Do your feet rub on the sides of the boot? This can cause pain and also cause the boot to wear down quickly.
  • Volume – Make sure your foot fills the volume of the boot at the fore foot. If this is not filled it will cause excessive creasing as you walk and in turn cause damage to the boot.
  • Heel Fit – Go up and down the stairs in your boots* (or up a gradient if available) and make sure that your heels are not lifting and your toes are not hitting the front of the boots.

* Please only try your boots or shoes on inside the home as any footwear worn outside cannot be returned.

If the boots you have bought online don’t fit right, you can send them back and get a size up or down to get that right fit.

Simply return via the card which came with your boots or fill out this form. We offer free returns within 28 days of purchase and with free next day delivery you can have an alternate size straight out to you.