How to make the most of your SCARPA GL3D experience

How to make the most of your SCARPA GL3D experience

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We are excited to be returning to the SCARPA Great Lakeland 3 Day again this year - for a weekend of running in the beautiful lake district.

If you've never been before - the Great Lakeland 3 Day is an inclusive running event with courses for all abilities - with a relaxed camp atmosphere to enjoy post run.

In this blog we have put together some ideas to help you make the most of your time at the GL3D!

Choose your adventure

The beauty of the Great Lakeland 3 Day is that you can pick and choose the right course for you. So if you want to compete against the best of the best (including some of the SCARPA athlete team) on the extreme course you can. 

Or if you fancy a more relaxed weekend you can enjoy the café course which takes in some of the best cafes (& pubs) the Lakes have to offer. 

And you can switch it up each day - so you can go hard one day, then take it easy the next. Or if you want you can choose your own route altogether on the adventure course.

Pack for the Lake District

As we know the Lake District can at times be a tad wet - so make sure you are prepared for whatever the Lakes throws at you. 

The beauty of the GL3D is that you don't have to carry all of your gear between the overnight camps - so you can pack your gear into your drop bag and find it ready for you at the overnight camp.

So pack layers and options for sun, rain and everything else! This also allows you to bring some little luxuries to make camp life even better.

Post run fun!

There is lots more to the GL3D then just the running - make sure you get involved in some of the post-run activities. Each afternoon and evening there are exciting talks in the hub - with interesting stories from inspiring people.

Plus every night there is a quiz from 8pm where you can win some great running related prizes.

Or if you want a more chilled evening you can relax in the beautiful surrounds of the overnight camp - enjoy a meal or a drink and discuss the days running with your fellow GL3Ders. 

Try something new

The Gl3D is a great opportunity to try something new - whether that is pushing yourself to do the next course up or discovering a new part of the Lake District - there are loads of opportunities to discover something new.

Plus you can try some new SCARPA trail running shoes for free - all weekend. Come by the SCARPA tent and take a pair from our trail running collection out on the course to give them a good test.

We will have a range of shoes and sizes for you to try, so whatever course you are running there is something for you. 

It is not too late to enter the 2024 GL3D. So if you want to join us in the Lakes on the Early May Bank Holiday Weekend then you can enter here: GL3D 2024 Entries