NEW Climbing Shoes for 2024

NEW Climbing Shoes for 2024

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New for 2024 are three models in our comfort line!

The SCARPA Comfort Line is made up of climbing shoes designed for all day wear whist having the technical features to perform even on difficult climbs.

Perfect for beginners, improvers and anyone who wants a comfortable shoe for prolonged use.

Origin VS

The new Origin VS is designed to provide comfort for modern boulderers.

Although perfect as a first shoe for beginner and improver climbers – the Origin VS has features designed to climb tough boulder problems. The large, soft rubber toe patch gives excellent grip for hooking in every direction.

It has a neutral shape and relaxed toe position which makes it a very comfortable shoe which can be worn all day.



The Arpia provides instant comfort and good sensitivity. This is a versatile shoe which can be used for Sport climbing, bouldering and indoor climbing.

The double Velcro closure system allows for quick and easy closure and removal, whilst creating a tight and precise fit without making the shoes uncomfortable.

The slightly arched and slightly asymmetrical shape offers and immediate and natural fit.




The new SCARPA Force is the millage master – built to provide comfort for prolonged use thanks to the padded upper and heel.

Designed for multi-pitch climbing where you will be climbing for long durations, the Force is comfortable and precise.