Climbing for fitness

Climbing for fitness

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If you are sick of repetitive workouts at the gym, maybe you should consider climbing for fitness instead.

More and more people are ditching traditional workouts in favour of climbing - so if you are thinking of taking up climbing to keep fit, then check out our blog below!

At SCARPA we love climbing and would encourage everyone to try climbing at least once. But what are the benefits of climbing and how can it help you with your fitness goals?

Easy to get started

While climbing might bring to mind images of athletes scaling huge rock faces or hanging from huge overhanging cliffs - getting started is a lot easier (and tamer) than that!

To get started you don't need to invest in expensive gear or clothing - and there are hundreds of indoor climbing centres across the country which offer inductions and lessons for beginners. 

Indoor climbing centres are the best way to get into climbing. You don't need to worry about weather or conditions and you can learn in a safe and controlled environment. 

All you need to climb is some loose fitting clothing and a pair of climbing shoes - most climbing centres rent these out - so you don't have to commit to buying a pair as you learn.

The basics of climbing are easy to pick up and climbing centres set problems designed for everyone from beginners to experts. 



Full body workout

Climbing is a great workout and works everything from your fingers to your core! During climbing you need to use your whole body and after a long climbing session you might notice parts of your body that you never knew you could.

Climbing isn't all about your arms and upper body - you will use your legs, feet and abdominal muscles when climbing too.

Workout for the mind

Don't forget to work out the most important part of your body - the brain! Climbing involves problem solving, concentration and thought - exercising your brain and developing your problem solving skills!

Inexpensive to climb

Getting started climbing is (relatively) inexpensive - with no expensive gear needed to get you going. The only really cost for beginners is lessons or inductions and climbing wall entry - and once you get into it, a pair of shoes.

Yes, climbing can get expensive once you get to buying lots of gear and multiple pairs of shoes, but this doesn't have to be the case - especially as you are progressing.

Sociable sport

Climbing is fun and sociable - whilst you can climb alone - climbing with friends is great fun. Climbers tend to be a friendly bunch - happy to share psyche and advice on how to tackle a certain problem.

Most climbing walls host social nights, so if you are climbing alone you can meet like minded climbers and find new climbing buddies.

All fitness levels can climb

You don't have to be ultra-fit to climb - although it is a great workout for the full body, you can get started at any fitness level.

With problems set for beginners which are less physically demanding you can get started easily. Climbing is also a sport done at your own pace - so you can climb slowly and take as long breaks as you like between climbs. You will see climbers of all levels doing this - and it gives you a chance to chat to other climbers. 


Climbing is fun! 

Whilst gym workouts can become boring and repetitive, climbing is a great way of exercising as you have a huge range of routes which are always changing to tackle. So you never get stuck doing the same thing over and over. 

The mental stimulation of climbing also helps to keep it fun and not feeling like just another workout!

Get outdoors

While most climbers nowadays start their climbing journey at indoor climbing centres - once you have mastered the basics you can take it outdoors.

Climbing outdoors opens up a whole new world of climbing opportunities and means you can get your fix (and a workout) without being stuck inside!