PRESA Soles - A closer look at our shoes

PRESA Soles - A closer look at our shoes

Presa soles are created by Scarpa’s in house R&D team – and are designed to suit the specific needs of our shoes. From walking to running and everyday shoes our shoes (and their soles) have very different uses, so need different specifications in the soles.

Each of the PRESA soles is carefully developed for the end use of the shoe.

The measurement of the main performance indicators (including grip on dry and wet conditions, resistance) is fundamental in choosing the best sole according to the activity for which the shoe was designed.

The midsole is the result of a meticulous research of materials, density and inserts to create the right compromise between control, precision and comfort.

In the study of tread design, the key is the correct position of the self-cleaning plugs and channels, to satisfy the needs of thrust and braking and ensure effective cleaning of the sole from debris.

The compounds are specifically designed for the outdoor world, with the objective of obtaining maximum performance in all weather conditions and on all types of terrain, without compromise the duration.

PRESA Soles in Action

TRK-01 – Rush TRK GTX

Innovative sole with Trekking-Oriented caps with differentiated thickness, it integrates IKS (Interactive Kinetic System) technology.

TRN-03 – Golden Gate Kima RT


Sole designed for technical Trail Running and Skyrunning races, where the best performances are essential. The secret? A carbon plate that guarantees an extraordinary elastic return.

URB-03 – Mojito Planet


This sole represents another step towards sustainability. For this reason, midsole and outsole have a high percentage of recycled material, without giving up comfort and durability

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