Scarpa Spin Infinity - Review by Victoria Mousley

Scarpa Spin Infinity - Review by Victoria Mousley

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Runner and gear tester for Wild Ginger running Victoria Mousley has been using the Scarpa Spin Infinity for the last year – testing them on various terrains and distances.

Read on for Victoria’s long term test of the Scarpa Spin Infinity!

The Scarpa Spin Infinity is a trail running shoe designed for long distance runs. The first thing that I noticed about this shoe is that it has lots of cushioning in the sole and looks like a substantial shoe. The weight is 610g and the shoe has a 4mm drop – available in a gorgeous azure blue, it suits both male and female runners.

When I first wore this shoe, it took me a few short runs to break it in and feel like it had moulded to my foot – also to sort the lacing to how I liked it but what impressed me right from the start was the amazing comfort that this shoe provided. My first run was a road to trail, and this shoe was absolutely perfect. This amazing shoe has fast become my favourite shoe and I reach for it more than any other trail shoe in my extensive collection.

I would suggest this shoe is definitely best suited to trail, it will cope with fell type terrain although with the more cushioned sole if you are running on tussocks there is some foot roll and this may not be the best choice for a short steep fell race. On gravel tracks and muddy footpaths however, this shoe is brilliant and is incredibly comfortable.

The longest run I have done in this shoe is about 35 miles and it was perfect, I already have it in mind for a 50 mile road/trail run next year as for comfort on long distances it is absolutely brilliant. It has a cushioned upper with enough padding to ensure that the laces don’t rub on the top of your foot and the lace pocket ensures that the laces never come undone even in the rain.

I have been running in this shoe for approximately 14 months on a wide range of terrains and distances – used extensively in both winter and summer, I have certainly put this shoe through its paces. One of the things that I would really recommend this shoe for is the longevity of the materials and the life of the shoe – this is my current shoe after many hundreds if not thousands of miles.

It still looks pretty good! In my experience many other shoes by this point show some signs of wear and tear especially over the fore foot where the shoe bends on each foot strike.

For the miles that I have run in these shoes – I think they look great! In terms of value for money and life span this is definitely a shoe that is amazing and will last a long, long time. I will definitely be purchasing this again in the future.

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About Victoria

Victoria is a fell and long distance runner who works as a gear tester with Wild Ginger Running. I love being outside whatever the weather, running, biking with friends or solo enjoying the great outdoors.