Rush Trail GTX - Review by Climber Ted Kingsnorth

Rush Trail GTX - Review by Climber Ted Kingsnorth

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Rush Trail GTX Review by Ted Kingsnorth

Climber and Scarpa Athlete Ted Kingsnorth spends a lot of time in the hills and crags of Yorkshire and the Peak district. So he was the perfect person to put the new Rush Trail GTX through their paces.

Read on for Ted’s Rush Trail GTX review and why he sees them as a great all rounder for walking, approaches and scrambles!

I recently took delivery of a pair Rush Trail GTX walking shoes and took them for a field test on a rest day walk up to Wimberry Rocks in the Chew Valley below Saddleworth Moor. I was keen to take a look at the Wimberry boulders with a view to returning for an after-work evening bouldering session and maybe make it all the way up the hill to the main crag to marvel at the famous routes ‘Appointment with Death’ E9 6c and ‘Appointment with Fear’ E7 6c.

Wimberry is one of my local crags living in Manchester and is perfect for getting out into some pretty rugged moorland within 20 minutes walk from the car. I planned a 5 mile circuit to take in the boulders and the main crag, which involved about 200 metres of ascent on steep paths and some contouring on a rough hillside below the main edge.

The Rush Trail GTX is a superbly constructed shoe with just the right amount of flex through the sole for walking on sometimes challenging terrain and considerable ‘feel’ due to the PRESA® HIK-02 sole flexing sufficiently to give you feedback while you walk without compromising on the very high levels of support.

My pair fit my feet like a glove and comfort levels are very high, so much so that I felt I could have gone another 5 miles when I got back to my car! The suede finish is attractive and the shoes are rugged and durable, looking like they will live up to considerable punishment from the regular hiker.

The GORE-TEX® bluesign® lining offers high levels of water resistance for those inevitable ‘bog trots’ whilst out on the moors, although conditions under foot on my stroll were thankfully very dry.

Rush Trail GTX Review

For the scrambler and climber, the Rush Trail is ideal as the sole offers very high levels of grip while negotiating rocky passages. I scrambled over the tops of boulders with ease due to the high friction rubber and interactive kinetic system incorporated into the sole. While contouring the hillside below the main crag, I always felt secure and confident in my footing on what was pretty steep terrain. The shoes perform in wet conditions just as well due to the aggressive grip pattern on the soles.

As an approach shoe, I would highly recommend the Rush Trail GTX as it will cope with any scrambling encountered over rocky terrain. It is clear to me that they are ideally suited to longer walks where more distance may be covered due to the unparalleled levels of comfort and support.

Rush Trail GTX Review

After returning from my stroll amongst the boulders, I spotted several lines I intended to return to in later sessions and managed to bag the excellent ‘Fish Arete Sit 7B+’, the slopey ‘Dark Matter 7C’ and the John Allen slab classic ‘Winsome 7A’ for my summer gritstone hit. I am not sure I am psyched to go for the big lead on Appointment with Death E9 though, maybe in a few years!”

Ted Kingsnorth is a Scarpa Athlete and climber based in Manchester. Ted has been climbing since the mid-90s and got into the different disciplines including trad whilst at Manchester University.

His notable sport ticks include; Progress 8c+, Just Do It 8c+ & Kabaah 8c+.

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