The Benefits of Trail Running

The Benefits of Trail Running

Are you tempted to try trail running? There are loads of reasons why you should ditch the pavement and go off road, but do you know what the benefits of trail running are?

Trail running is more than just exercise – so check out our top benefits of trail running:

Less impact = less injuries

Running on trails has less impact on your body than running on the road or pavement. Grass, mud and tracks are softer than tarmac so have less impact on your bones and joints. Anyone who has ever suffered from runner’s knee will know the pain – so try running off road and see how this chance can impact your body. This is one of the major benefits of trail running which inspires a lot of people to switch to the trails.

A workout for the mind

One of the benefits of trial running which people may not expect is the positive impact it can have on your mind as well as your body. Trail running can be a work out for the mind too – on trails, particularly on technical terrain you need to concentrate on your foot placement and the obstacles the route brings rather than just switching off and putting one foot in front of the other.

Boost your mental health

We’ve already mentioned how trail running can engage your mind, but it can also have positive mental health benefits too. Studies have shown that spending time in natural environments can help boost your mental health. Couple this with the positive aspects of running and you have a great activity for reducing stress and helping to improve mental health.

Everyday adventures

No one has ever described running around your local streets or park as an adventure, but trail running can take you to some amazing places. From hills and mountains to costal routes, one big benefit of Trail Running is the places it can take you.


Trail running is fun! You will enjoy yourself running on the trails – it may be our inner child coming back, enjoying running through mud and puddles, but there is something very fun about getting muddy on a run.

Choose your adventure

While trail running might be synonymous with Ultra Marathons and epic distances, but you can have as much fun doing an off road 5k, 2k or any distance you like.

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