What's new for SS22 - New Climbing Shoes

What's new for SS22 - New Climbing Shoes

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It is the time of year where we all get excited about new adventures, plans and most importantly new gear! We can’t wait to share our new SS22 ranges with you, so take a look at our new climbing shoes – coming soon!

Take a look at our new climbing shoes:


An old favourite – the Scarpa Mago is back for 2022 with a new and improved design. Engineered to dominate small footholds like no other shoe. New innovative materials and further refined technologies perfect this specialized performance shoe.

The upper has been re-designed using elasticated panels of perforated Microfibre combined with the lacing system provides an optimal fit, powerful bracing and a smooth inner surface for added comfort.

Perfect for high level sport climbers looking for high performance without compromise.

Instinct S

Climbers looking for a versatile shoe that performs on all angles as well as varied footholds will love the NEW Instinct S with their balanced midsole and active tension system.

The new Instinct S is the most flexible model in the Instinct family, taking advantage of the new CTS technology. The CTS is a combination of elastic tension rubber that controls the length of the shoe and soft high friction rubber that surrounds the forefoot.

The Instinct S offers the big toe precision of the Instinct family, with the elasticated fit and tension of M50 rubber. Featuring a slightly asymmetrical, downturned shape, with a medium angled toe box.

Quantix SF

The new Scarpa Quantix SF is the go-to for precision climbing. This powerful and versatile shoe is great for all disciplines, on plastic and rock!

The innovative Single Frame technology holds the foot from below like a hand, allowing excellent precision with dynamic flex.

It has a neutral shape with a subtle downturned and a medium to high angled toe box, with a ¾ Flexan dynamic midsole for excellent edging on all styles of climbing.

Drago Kid

The favourite of many of our Scarpa Athletes is now available for young climbers looking to push their limits. The Drago kid is a sensitive slipper perfect for young climbers to take their climbing to the next level.

It has extended rubber coverage on both the toe and the heel, ideal for all hooking possibilities. An asymmetrical and downturned shape with a medium-to-high angled toe box for excellent toe sensitivity.

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