Winter Walking

Winter Walking

We love walking in winter, but sometimes that can mean unpredictable weather and tricky conditions. So make sure that you are prepared for winter walking with some winter walking boots.

As well as having the right footwear, here are a few other tips for walking in winter.

Here are our tips for walking in winter:

Be Prepared

With winter comes added risks and difficulties, which means that you need to pack extra items which you might not need in Summer.

In winter it gets dark early, so always pack a torch even if you don’t intend to stay out late. You will be thankful for packing one on those days where you get lost or want to try a new route!

An extra layer is also a good idea – you will heat up as you walk, but as soon as you stop your body will start to lose heat – having an extra layer to pop on when you stop will help you to stay warm.


Checking the weather before you go may seem like an obvious thing to do, especially in the winter! However this is an important part of planning your trip.

While it may be bright and sunny at home (or even in the car park), the weather on the hills can be completely different. So if you are heading to the hills and mountains it is best to check the designated mountain weather forecast – MWIS is a great resource and is easy to understand even for novice hill walkers.

Check the Route

If you are walking a route that you have walked in Summer then be aware that things can change a lot between the seasons. If the route is a risk of flooding it may become unpassable in winter.

Always have a back up plan in-case your usual route is blocked or inaccessible and turn back if you are in doubt.


With winter comes ice, snow and (more commonly in the UK) mud – all of which can be tricky for winter walkers to navigate. Depending on the route and conditions you take crampons, poles or even snowshoes to help give traction on ice and snow.

Other routes may just require a good pair of waterproof walking boots with a grippy sole.

Take a look at our range of winter walking boots

Mescalito TRK PRO GTX

The newest addition to the SCARPA Mescalito family is the Mescalito TRK PRO GTX – a toughened and stiffened version of the Mescalito TRK GTX.

The PRO version shares these characteristics, but has the added benefits of a plush and durable oiled nubuck leather upper. This is a true year round boot, which is light and agile enough for summer but with added protection for winter.

Plus the men’s version is B1 rated and so compatible with walking crampons.

Rush Polar

Made for the lowest temperatures, RUSH POLAR GTX is the product of the Rush family designed specifically for the winter period, ideal for excursions on the snow and snowshoeing.

The combination of Gore-Tex® Duratherm and Primaloft® Gold Insulation Eco ensure maximum protection against the cold. The PRESA® TRK-02 sole guarantees high grip in ice and snow conditions, thanks to the dedicated compound.

SL Activ

The SL is the 9th generation of this classic, really tough trekking boot, now made even more luxurious and comfortable.

Sturdy and durable, this walking boot remains fully compatible with C1 walking crampons making it suitable for mountain walking.