Charlie Sproson

Name: Charlie Sproson

DOB: 25/06/1973

Hometown: Windermere

Sport: Running/Climbing/Skiing

I’ve been lucky enough to be brought up in the Lakes in an Outdoor Shop when I was young, my parents were very ‘outdoorsy’ and my dad took me skiing on the local fells early on.

On skis at the ripe old age of 4, rock climbing at 11, telemarking at 14 and running didn’t come until I was 28. Living in the Lake District has given me a fantastic life and when our outdoor shop closed in 2013, I started a life of ‘Mountain Running’ guiding and setting up/delivering uber-hard and technical skyraces, mixing scrambling/climbing and running. Living in the Lakes is like a dream unfolding.

Get to know Charlie

Tell us about your successes so far?

Mountain Marathons are a great love of mine; so to win the Marmot Dark Mountains with Steve Birkenshaw was a highlight for sure on home turf in 2019.

Mixing running and climbing became important over the years and in 2012 I completed the Lakes Classic Rock Round, not in Will Birkett’s time, but only a couple of folk had done it before at that time.

Pretty proud to have completed the 3 Big Rounds in the UK, always on-sight, just need to get the Paddy Buckley Round ticked in a sub-24.

What are you working on? What are your goals for the future?

Working on remaining fit for the next 20+ years, time marches on but if the work is put in, the body can keep going. There are some esoteric UK rounds still to tick off and so much more to do. Skimo is a sport that my heart yearns for and so many different UK challenges to step up to for the future.

Why do you run? What do you love about running?

I do it for pure pleasure, I race if I feel fit or need to get fit, but running for me is about total immersion in the environment I’m in. I love moving through terrain at my own speed.

Which Scarpa shoe is your favourite?

I‘m really am enjoying running in the Ribelle Run and looking forward to getting my hands on a pair of the new ‘Mud /Orienteering/Fell Shoe’ and the winter Kalibra G.

Tell us about your best day running?

Solo days combining running and climbing, the Lakes Classic Rock Round was a real day to remember, running with a good friend, moving through the terrain.

Skimo missions in the Lakes are always top notch and fresh and my first BGR in 2006 was just the most perfect of perfect days.

What do you do away from your sport?

Gardening and growing vegetables has become super important, hanging out with my son and climbing with him is just perfect.

Foraging for mushrooms is so satisfying and I haven’t picked the wrong ones yet! Working in the mountains as a skills coach and guide for running in all respects takes up plenty of my time.

Where is your #NoPlacetooFar?


Scotland is where I want to do so much. I’ve been lucky enough to work in the Faroe Islands on a running event over the last few years, its a mind-bending magical place, I have ideas and plans to attempt out there. Europe is awesome… how can you choose? I’d love to run on the American continent, north and south.




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